Double S Liquid Feed Services is pleased to introduce Melissa Jolly-Breithaupt as Director of Research & Technical Services. In this new leadership position, Jolly-Breithaupt will provide technical expertise, support the sales team, design new trials and help shape the direction of the company’s product offerings. In addition, Jolly-Breithaupt will provide High Brix Agronomy Solutions (a division of Double S) tech and sales support, as well as organize, implement and analyze field trials.

Jolly-Breithaupt is completing her doctorate in ruminant nutrition from the University of Nebraska and will join Double S in February. Her dissertation focuses on how alpha amylase containing corn affects finishing cattle digestibility and performance. In 2013, Jolly-Breithaupt earned a master’s degree in ruminant nutrition from Nebraska, studying the effects of oil extraction on corn dry-milling byproducts in growing and finishing cattle diets. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in animal science and industry from Kansas State University.

“We are eager to welcome Melissa to the Double S team,” says Greg Shepard, Double S Liquid Feed Services president and chief executive officer. “Her passion for livestock, strong academic background and in-demand skill set will be valuable assets to our company. She’ll have an immediate impact on our business and support our mission to meet our customers’ evolving needs.”

Jolly-Breithaupt is excited to serve Double S customers and use her animal nutrition knowledge, specifically regarding starch utilization. “What thrills me the most about working with Double S is the fact that they care so much about their customers and employees,” says Jolly-Breithaupt. “They take great pride in their product, customer service and desire to grow in an industry I’m passionate about.”

Originally from Kansas, both Jolly-Breithaupt and her husband Jake were raised on cattle operations and grew up in rodeo families. They are excited to bring their horses to Illinois (where Double S is headquartered) and immerse their 18-month-old son Ty in the agricultural lifestyle they were raised in.

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