Omega Equis

Omega Equis is a long chain Omega-3 fish oil designed specifically as a supplement in equine diets. Omega Equis is flavored to encourage consumption.

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Virginia Prime Gold

Virginia Prime Gold is a refined menhaden fish oil that is easier to handle than it's crude oil counterpart. Although the fish smell is still there, it is less objectionable. This product is an excellent choice in premium feed products, and is an outstanding source of Omega-3's, making it a perfect choice to balance fatty acid profiles in high grain diets.

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Crude Menhaden Fish Oil w/ EQ

Crude Menhaden Fish Oil can be used in livestock feed applications, fish food and bait. This product is a great source of Omega-3's to help balance the fatty acid profile and achieve a rich, luxurious coat. EQ (Ethoxyquin) is added as an antioxidant for preservation. 

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Rice Bran Oil

A natural source of gamma oryzanol and vitamin E, this product will cause animals coats to shine as well as helping finicky eaters add weight.

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Cherry Corn Oil

Our same quality corn oil, enhanced with an enticing aroma of cherry flavoring to encourage animals to eat.

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Corn Oil

Fully refined, feed grade corn oil. A rich golden traditional feed ingredient used to increase fat content and add shine in premium feeds.

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Premium Gold Label

Cherry Soy Oil. A high energy, bold flavored oil to add excitement to any feed. This product contains a high level of flavoring to really make a statement when the feed bag is opened.

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Coconut Oil

Not to be confused with our coconut flavored products, this oil made from coconut extract helps to improve the animals coat as well as their digestion and metabolism.

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Coconut Soy Oil

Our same quality Soy Oil but flavor enhanced to provide an attractive, consistent aroma that can encourage consumption by livestock.

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