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Effect of a Molasses-based Liquid Supplement on Gastrointestinal Tract Barrier Function, Inflammation, and Performance of Newly Received Feedlot Cattle Before and After a Transport Stress

Abstract Summary: "Stress from weaning, feed restriction, transportation, and gastrointestinal acidosis can cause inflammation and intestinal damage, resulting in decreased absorptive capacity and immune defense capability. Gastrointestinal inflammation has a significant catabolic cost and causes nutritional resources to be directed away from anabolic processes. Molasses-based liquid supplements have the potential to improve gastrointestinal tract (GIT) barrier function in stressed, newly received [...]

2023-08-08T16:46:55-05:00August 8th, 2023|News|

Supplementation of Molasses-Based Liquid Feed for Cattle Fed on Limpograss Hay

Abstract Summary: "Seasonality in forage production may limit the quantity and quality of forage. Even when forage is available in the period of scarcity, protein might still be a limiting nutrient in animal performance. Feed supplementation is a powerful tool to adjust nitrogen (N) levels in the diet of ruminants during critical periods. Urea is commonly used as a source of [...]

2023-05-18T09:02:31-05:00May 18th, 2023|News|

A Review Regarding the Use of Molasses in Animal Nutrition

Abstract: "In the past fifty years, agriculture, and particularly livestock production, has become more resource-intensive, with negative implications regarding world environmental status. Currently, the circular economy 3R principles (to reduce, reuse and recycle materials) can offer many opportunities for the agri-food industry to become more resource-efficient. The closed-loop agri-food supply chain has the great potential of reducing environmental and economic costs, [...]

2022-09-28T15:02:30-05:00September 28th, 2022|News|
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